Top 5 most well-known DJs in the world

Even if you are not a partygoer, you may have heard some mixes of electronic music that made you dance or at least bob your head into the rhythm. It’s easy to appreciate the music itself, but what about the people who made efforts to make them in the first place? Not everyone knows who made some of the biggest party hits around, so Local DJs is here to give a list of the five most popular DJs in the world:

David Guetta

Aside from being one of the most established DJs in the world, David Guetta is also a record producer and songwriter. Guetta was born and raised in Paris, France but he gained international fame through his album One Love released in 2009. He received several award nominations since 2011 but he had his first win in 2012 at the American Music Awards.

Some of Guetta’s most popular tracks include ‘Titanium’, ‘Mad Love’, and ‘Hey Mama’.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is a Dutch DJ who is also known by his pseudonyms Ytram and GRX. Garrix headlined his first major festival in 2014 in South Africa and became even more popular internationally since then. It was revealed that his talent for mixing was discovered by Tiesto, another world-renowned DJ.

Some of Garrix’s most popular tracks include ‘Animals’, ‘In the Name of Love’, and ‘Scared to be Lonely’.


Deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’) is a DJ, musician, and producer known for wearing a mouse mask. He also goes by the pseudonym Testpilot but his real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman. He mainly produces progressive house music and techno which earned him some Grammy Awards nominations.

Some of Deadmau5’s most popular tracks include ‘Sometimes Things Get, Whatever’, ‘FML’, and ‘Some Chords’.


Marshmello is another masked DJ who is also a music producer from the United States. His real name is Christopher Comstock and his mask design looks like a marshmallow with a smiling face and two Xs for eyes. He publishes his remixes online and some of his tracks have earned him award nominations. His first win was in 2019 at the iHeartRadio music awards.

Some of Marshmello’s most popular tracks include ‘Happier’, ‘Alone’, and ‘Wolves’.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, singer-songwriter, and producer. Harris started his career as a singer but he also began adding elements of electronic dance music into his songs. His talent was discovered through Myspace and he signed recording contracts in 2006. He became well-known overseas in 2011 and became one of the highest-paid DJs over the past decade.

Some of Harris’ most popular tracks include ‘Summer’, ‘How Deep is Your Love’, and ‘This Is What You Came For’.

Partying is slowly coming back around the world as the years go by, so expect to see groovy tracks from these DJs in the coming months. But if you can’t wait to have some good mixes for your upcoming party, don’t hesitate to contact Local DJs!

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