Top five DJs who shaped the music industry

Over the years in the history of music, there are a lot of major trends, movements and revolutions that have taken place. A lot of dynamic genres have formed and grown in the fast-changing global scene, but disk jockeying stood out as the biggest trend of them all.

The DJ’s mixes with classic songs together with a current lively vibe made it clear that there was going to be a huge shift in the music industry for years to come. Jimmy Savile started out the revolution of DJ as the first the world has ever seen. Since then, a lot of DJs have sprung up all over the world.

Local DJ listed a lot of people who have started to spice up their jam and led the world to a bigger music industry. Since then, most of the people who embraced this kind of music became a hit all over the world. The trend was so powerful that it influenced a lot of people, and this only showed the big reach that a great DJ can have.

When an old song was introduced with a new fresh twist, the people loved it, and the DJ was the highlight of every big concert that we know of today. That is how Disk Jockeying changed the world forever. Here are the top five DJs who shaped the music industry:

David Guetta

Since making his big debut two decades ago, the music industry has loved every bit of David Guetta’s music as most of it is still being played in clubs and even on the radio. Now a DJ in France, Guetta has enjoyed his career of being a record producer, an audio engineer, composer and many more.

His musical taste combined with the technical prowess has earned him the title of ‘best’ DJ in the world. He is the best-selling solo artist of all time thanks to more than 30 million albums and 9 million singles sold worldwide.


Known as the Dutch trance maestro, Tiësto was a U2-size attraction in Europe long before DJs became stars in the United States. He has been delivering massive synth bombs from Ibiza to the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. His music was a shiver-inducing trance spiral, but it has now developed into chunkier electro-based beats over the years.

The rise of the Dutch star has inspired a lot of DJs in Europe to try their best and win the audiences they have. This was the reason why it was clearly a big shift in the industry with the likes of Tiësto turning the tide.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is one of the world’s top record producers and is considered to be one of the best DJs in the modern era. Martijn Gerard Garritsen’s success has Utrecht University’s Herman Brood Academy award this Dutch DJ a degree in sound production.

Some of the finest progressive house music experiments have been coming from Martin. His expertise and talents has led him to become the most popular EDM DJ in the world with the most Instagram followers.

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