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Try to listen to the full remixes by registering for an account and getting our free trial for 30 days! Premium users can download the songs and publish their own tracks in both mp3 and mp4 format. You have access to all our songs and can publish as many tracks as you want so sign up for a premium account now. Here is how you can register for an account and start your free trial:

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Access hundreds of original song remixes

Are you looking for a dope remix to play at your upcoming party? Take a look at our vast music library with hundreds of original song remixes. Each song combines a couple of the best music with added twists and flairs! Premium account holders can listen and download the whole track but regular users can still listen to the song preview.

If you are having a hard time choosing the best song for you, you can visit our Featured albums, songs and artists to help you pick the right one! These pages will be updated regularly so make sure to visit them often.

Socialise with fellow music makers

Are you an aspiring DJ that wants to make your name known in the music industry? Start your exciting journey with Local DJs! Premium account holders may publish their songs and link their social media accounts with them to promote their content and gain more listeners. Every published track also has a comment section where you can interact with your listeners and fellow music makers!

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